AgileOT Office San Diego

AgileOT was founded in 2017 to provide industrial-focused cybersecurity solutions for deployment in Operational Technology (OT) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) environments.

AgileOT's OT/ICS Cybersecurity team brings decades of industry knowledge and hands-on experience working in the fields of industrial controls, critical infrastructure protection, and cybersecurity, and is actively redefining and educating industry organizations on how OT and ICS infrastructure security protection is being approached today. AgileOT provides Comprehensive Industrial Cybersecurity Risk Assessments, Infrastructure Assessments, and Strategic Alignment Assessments for industrial organizations. Additionally, AgileOT partners with trusted service providers to support them with providing OT Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure assessments and remediation business opportunities.

The concept of IT OT Convergence is a misunderstood direction that generaly leads to bad results for OT organizations. These organizations are facing significant challenges when applying traditional cybersecurity methodologies and frameworks into OT & ICS environments; traditional IT Incident Response and Corporate Information Security do not effectively translate to production organizations that traditionally view IT as an impediment, and security as an obstacle, when trying to achieve their primary goals of production in a "high availability at low cost" model. This level of friction generally results in a gap between IT and OT subject matter experts that not only leads to security concerns, but also prevents companies from taking advantage of better opportunities that might exist for OT, while looking for a supporting synergistic IT/OT relationship.