What? Owners & Operators of OT are facing increasing costs & complexity related to technology & security.

Why? Internal IT organizations and external IT vendors are driving inappropriate solutions that are high cost and complex because of $'s and control opportunities.

What are the Drivers?

  1. Cyber Security Hype.
  2. IT Organizations are big, political and highly funded.
  3. OT Operators do not have the knowledge to know if the solutions are right or wrong.

The results of these solutions are;

  • Significant Op + Cap cost increases
  • Significant complexity increases
  • Production down-time
  • Increased Security risks
  • Less agility
  • Loss of Control

How is AgileOT helping businesses and Owners & Operators of Operational Technology?

AgileOT Provides:

  1. Guidance w/ Facts & Industry expertise
  2. Services - Process - Tools
  3. We believe in doing the right things for the right reasons
  4. Realizing measurable benefits that offset negative results

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