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Cybersecurity is about protecting your business, not just about technology. Ensure your cybersecurity strategy and budget is right-sized to your organization’s risk profile.

Critical infrastructure organizations need to maintain cyber resiliency of their industrial controls systems for the continued delivery of essential services and products. Identifying the potential threats and vulnerabilities will enable organizations to understand its cybersecurity risk profile.

AgileOT ICS/OT cybersecurity team has over 20 years of experience advising critical infrastructure organizations around the world to shape their cybersecurity strategy and roadmaps for ICS production environments. We understand the priorities for Operational Technology (OT) are different from Information Technology (IT) and as such the methods and tools to prevent cybersecurity incidents need to be purpose built. We help organizations address the root causes of cybersecurity risk and drive a culture of security throughout the organization.

Our ICS focused approach looks at the cyber risk to your OT/IT assets and production operations with an evidence-based analysis of your people, processes and technology. AgileOT provides a risk assessment on the current state of cybersecurity maturity across your OT organization against industry frameworks such as NIST CSF, ISA/IEC 62443, C2M2, and others.

We partner with your stakeholders, owners and operators to:

  • Understand the level of security awareness and knowledge of your people
  • Discover OT/IT networks, systems and devices at your facilities
  • Review your cybersecurity program, policies and standards
  • Analyze the security controls and technologies protecting your OT environments
  • Survey your site’s physical security
  • Evaluate your supply chain and third-party vendors

The result is a cybersecurity management report with key findings, risk scorecard, and strategic roadmap outlining key initiatives to address identified gaps. We focus your security investment in areas to minimize disruption of your ICS production environments, improve your cybersecurity maturity, and support the growth of your business.

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