Cyberattacks happen. 95% of organizations are not ready. Are you?

Incident response tabletop exercises are an important part of an organization’s cybersecurity program to test the efficacy of your incident response plan. We will challenge the preparedness and responsiveness of the executive and technical teams by testing your incident response methodology and playbooks with tabletop scenarios based on real-world events. Our discovery process will identify scenarios that are relevant to you and your industry. The mock incidents vary from malware infection, DDOS, and corporate espionage, to physical breaches and others, or a combination of threats.

The benefit of the tabletop exercise will be to enrich cybersecurity education and awareness, validate your team’s ability to respond and manage an incident, and most importantly improve your incident response competency.

It’s a fact all businesses must face: Cyber attacks will happen. Preparing to respond to it will make all the difference.

To do this effectively, how well you respond to an incident is essential. Can you contain a breach before it stops your business? There’s only one way to be certain: Tabletop practice drills to verify your people and processes are well coordinated and effective. It’s no longer safe to assume—you’ve need to know how your plan stacks up.

Our Incident Response Tabletop Simulation will test your current incident response plan and help to improve your security capabilities and processes. AgileOT cybersecurity consultants challenges the preparedness and responsiveness of your executive and technical teams by facilitating mock security breach scenarios.

What does success look like?

  • Validate your team’s effectiveness with real-world scenarios
  • Ensure informed decisions by the right stakeholders
  • Reduce the impact of a security breach
  • Rapid recovery of your business operations
  • Continuous improvement of your incident response plan

Customized Tabletop Scenarios

  • As the threat landscape continues to rapidly evolve, periodically testing your incident response plan is an invaluable tool to make sure your security plan stays ahead of the latest threats. Our service lets you test run your defense plan against current real-world breach simulations, helping you prepare better for an actual attack and validate your readiness.
  • Learn where your incident response plan has gaps – and where it excels – by conducting an incident response tabletop simulation.

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